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Bread by Faith

Bread by Faith Devotionals
  1. Today

    October 17: John 13:31-35

    KJV Key Verse: John 13:35
    35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another*.

    This was the time when Jesus introduced the disciples to what some will call the eleventh commandment; one that should have been implicit in following the previous ten, but one which we need to be reminded of because of our fractious ways. We get upset by the smallest things and those moments then bring us to feelings of anger against others – even over the smallest of things! Jesus told us He was about to give His life for our sins. No other act in history has or ever will be remembered and glorified as much as this – that a perfect man give his life as a thief and a murderer just so we may be forgiven our sins which we do each day against God...

    We cannot follow Him into heaven now, or indeed as soon as we accept Him as our Saviour; that time has to wait until we either die or until He decides to take us home with Him. We are assured of a place in heaven because of what He has done for us; we are assured a place by His side as long as we know Him and He knows us. We must realise we do not get a place just because we are here on earth, but because we got to know Him whilst we were here on earth!

    But one of the biggest things that keeps us from knowing Him is our own feelings. We harbour feelings of lust, anger, jealousy and so much more. These feelings keep us from concentrating on Him and on glorifying Him. We are the ones who need to put those feelings aside and concentrate on our feelings towards Him. Just as we should concentrate on our feelings in a relationship with another person, we need to do so with Christ. When we do that, we will find the love He has for us and with it will come understanding about how to pass it on to others rather than our own frivolous and vain feelings. With those new feelings in our lives, we will be able to keep this commandment; that we should love one another in the same way as He has loved us. If we cannot do this, we have to question our own sincerity with God...

    Points to Ponder:
    How often do you argue over little things?

    How often do you argue with or question God?

  2. Day -1

    October 16: John 14:12-17

    KJV Key Verse: John 14:17
    17 Even the Spirit of truth; whom the world cannot* receive, because it seeth him not, neither knoweth him: but ye know him; for he dwelleth with you, and shall be in you.

    What a glorious promise... Whatever we ask in Christ’s name, assuming that it be for our good and suitable for us (according to God’s will), He will give it to us! To ask in Christ’s name is to ask in honesty, knowing He has promised to listen and to answer, and then to depend on the promise that He will answer. In other words, when we ask, we must expect our prayer to be answered... because that is what Christ has promised us!

    But just as we are expected to depend on those promises, we are also expected to keep His commandments. It is not a dependency. He is not saying that He will answer our prayers if we keep His commandments. He tells us He will answer our prayers and then reminds us we need to keep His commandments as well – that is what He expects from us. He expects us to believe Him in His promise and also to keep His commandments, not for payment of what He has done, but to show Him we do love Him.

    And then He backs things up by telling the disciples He has already thought of them in the future when He Himself will no longer physically be amongst them in person; He tells them of the Great Comforter who He will give to all those willing to believe. Again, this is a promise we can depend on, but this promise does have strings attached. Nothing sinister. He knew that when He left the Holy Spirit, the people of the world would not readily accept Him because they could not see Him. They could not see the need for a Saviour and could not see how an unseen Saviour could save them. We have all the truth in our bibles we need so we can learn about How this is possible and how we too can receive the Holy Spirit by believing in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. It may be hard for us to grasp the truth at first, but once we put our trust in Christ, the Holy Spirit helps us to understand it in our hearts...

    Points to Ponder:
    How often do you keep all things that you say?

    How much do you depend on Christ’s promises?

  3. Day -2

    October 15: Romans 13:8-10

    KJV Key Verse: Romans 13:10
    10 Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

    One sure thing you will notice when you have God in your life is that you are more willing to think good of others or to think good towards them. But just thinking about it is not going to get you very far; you have to be able to do good as well. Thinking good about someone is not going to show them you do, you will have to do good to show them that you mean well! It’s not good turning your back on some who do not do what you think they should either – just think back in your life and see how many times you have done the wrong thing in the past... Our lives were filled with breaking rules and they may well still be; but with Christ on our side and Him in our lives, we have the propensity to do good... but we still have to do it...

    Jesus showed us His love through what He did on the cross. He showed us His mercy by raising Himself up from the grave so we would also be able to follow Him in a seemingly impossible scenario. That love and mercy stands firm throughout our lives. With that example in our minds we need to go out to others and show them love and mercy too. We may not like the fact we should show mercy to those who wrong us, but think more about what Christ has done for every human on this planet! If He is able to show mercy to the vilest of sinners (in our minds) then we should be able to show mercy to others too. Yes, it is hard.

    It was nothing we did, nor anything we possessed which gave Christ the idea He should show love and mercy towards us. We just simply are not that good! He did it because of His love towards us even when we were doing wrong. He wants us to go by that example and to be able to put aside our own feelings when the time comes to show mercy to others so that they will get an idea of how merciful Christ is. Only then will we see others want to come and find out more about Christ... It is through His grace alone that we have eternal life...

    Points to Ponder:
    Do you like it when others extend mercy to you?

    Do you know how much mercy God has already shown you?

  4. Day -3

    October 14: Acts 11:12-17

    KJV Key Verse: Acts 11:17
    17 Forasmuch then as God gave them the like gift as he did unto us, who believed on the Lord Jesus Christ*; what was I, that I could withstand God?

    Have you ever wondered why some people get turned away from church? Have you ever turned someone away from you just because they are different to you in some way? I am sure all of us would agree at some stage or another we have discriminated against someone just because they are different to us... Have you ever tried to find out why, or thought about what you have done? Well, it comes down to us being human and wanting the world to conform to our own ways and nobody else’s!

    That is the way we are and have been for a long time. We want things done our way... When the Jews saw Simon Peter had gone and preached to the gentiles, they wanted to know why because they only wanted people who had been circumcised (i.e. Jews) to receive the Word of God. They had been told for so many years that they were the chosen people and they expected God to only bless them and those people who would turn to their ways. What had happened was they were now having to mix with people who were not Jews and certainly not circumcised!

    But that is where the difference is between us and God. He sent Jesus to die on the cross for the sins of the whole world – not just the Jews. He shows His mercy to all the world. He loves us all. Why? Because He made us all! He chose Israel as an example so others would get to know Him again. He chose the Jews to show the world how much He loves us all. There is nothing our God cannot do. There nobody our God cannot love. There is nobody our God cannot save – so long as they are willing to admit to Him being God and leave their own selfish worlds behind. Don’t get caught up in things that you have invented. Don’t get caught up in your own world. Open your life to God and He will open His to you!

    Points to Ponder:
    Are there some that you don’t talk to?

    Are you keeping God out of your life?

  5. Day -4

    October 13: Romans 14:14-18

    KJV Key Verse: Romans 14:17
    17 For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.

    How many times have you come across something which someone says is normal but you think it is totally strange? We all have our differences and some of those are normally inherited from our parents and from our friends; but just because we think some things are normal, it does not mean that they are normal! Just like a “Chinese whispers” game where one person whispers to the next and they to the next, our lives change over time as we take on new ways of doing things. It may take several generations, or just a few days, but we do change over time...

    But, are we changing for the good or for the bad? If we are going to answer that question, then we have to go back to basics and figure out what God would have us to do in our lives; only then can we decide what should be normal! When we go back and see how God created us and how we have changed things, we will begin to understand just how much of our lives are based on things we like, want or desire over and above those that Christ would have us to do. We take on new ways of doing things and new ideas because we like the sound of what they are or how they make us feel... but it does not necessarily mean that they are right!

    One thing we do have to watch out for is offending people just because we do something we think is normal... If we do not take into consideration what others think, then we are most likely to offend them in some manner before too long. It does not mean we have to do everything to their standards and in their ways – far from it because they may be further from God’s ways than our own! What we need to be doing is building up our ways based on Christ’s teachings so we can be sure we are at least getting something right in our lives. Christ is the one who died for us all and we need to make sure we do not block anyone from coming to Christ just because we have changed in some way Christ did not ask us to!

    Points to Ponder:
    How much of your life is based on your friends lives?

    How much of your life is based on Christ’s teachings?

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