Cookies and the EU

    EU and cookies

    Well, it had to come some time or other! The EU dicate that each person has the right to refuse to accept cookies from any web site in the EU. This is very good for privacy when you need it but it messes a whole bunch with most sites that allow you to sign in and or manage the way that you wish to view the site - cookies are required to remember what you asked for last time...

    So please rest assured that Faith Baptist Church only use cookies to manage the way you view the site. We do not record any details for our own use and we do not store information that you cannot personally access and validate. We are trying to do God's work and part of that is to help you as much as possible - so we try, even when the EU gets in on the act and tries to level the playing field way below any normal course of action ;-)

    New Site

    Is this a New Web-site I see?

    We have created a new web site in the hopes that it will allow us to maintain the data, update news and keep in touch a whole lot easier and quicker than the last site. The old web site was created using special web authoring tools whereas this site is based on a populare content management system giving us full access to all content.

    Please do bookmark the site, the calendar and news sections so that you can keep abreast of things happening at Faith Baptist Church. If you are viewing the preview of this site that begins with www2 then you may wish to wait until the site goes live before bookmarking pages.

    The Xtreme Teens do have their own web site which is regularly maintained - but all important information will also be published here.




    Due to EU 'laws' we have to warn you about cookies... See HERE for the article...

    Pastor's Corner

    Who Is Jesus? (You Decide!)


       “Jesus himself, when challenged, did not offer airtight proofs about his identity. He dropped clues here and there, to be sure, but after appealing to the evidence. “Blessed is he who takes no offense at me.”

       It occurs to me that all the contorted theories about Jesus that have been spontaneously generating since the day of his death merely confirm the awesome risk God took when he stretched himself out on the dissection table [the Incarnation] - a risk he seemed to welcome. Examine me. Test me. You decide.”                                                         -Philip Yancey

      Even Pontius Pilate, under the peer pressure of the religious crowd, examined Jesus with such questions as: “Art thou King of the Jews?” “What is Truth?” “Knowest thou not I have power to crucify thee?”  Then, in a dark moment of intense frustration, Pilate asked the crowd, “What shall I do with Jesus who is called Christ?”

       After Jesus cried out, “It is finished,” Jesus laid down his life, and his body was placed in a tomb. On the third day Jesus took up his life and arose victoriously over death.  Now Jesus’ identity was clearly revealed and we all have to answer Pilate’s question, “What shall I do with Jesus Christ?”

    Valentine's Day

    LOVE is not overrated. Falling in love is one of the greatest experiences a man and a woman can share. Falling in love is the starting point from which a relationship can grow, marriage is a joy, and children are a blessing.

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    This world and all in it must perish. You see death all around you. The great Pyramids Read more ...

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